Xtune Headlights

You’ll no longer need a crystal ball to see into the future with a pair of Xtune Headlights

Key Features:
  • Material: Plastic
  • Folding: Yes
  • Heating: Yes
  • Color: Gray
  • Original Part: No

40,000.00 92,000.00

SKU 545-74573-D
Country Germany
Part Number BDX-750Z370-S
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  • You’ll no longer need a crystal ball to see into the future with a pair of Xtune Headlights
  • Designed to be a direct plug-n-play replacement for your factory lights (most vehicles)
  • Choose from an OE replacement or give your ride a whole new look with a variety of unique styles ranging from projectors and CCFL Halos to LED Halos and LED DRLs (depending on vehicle)
  • Hermetically sealed and thoroughly tested for peak performance today and years down the road
  • Headlights are sold in pairs for both driver and passenger side
  • Xtune Lights are compliant with all federal and DOT regulations, satisfy FMVSS code no. 108 and are ISO-9000 and ISO-9002 certified, unless otherwise noted
  • Your Xtune Headlights are backed by a one year warranty

“Come here my child, and let me tell you what your future holds. As I look into my crystal ball, I see a dark, winding highway. I see… a car. It’s your car. I see that it’s headlights are barely visible. They’re so… yellow. So foggy. Tell me my child, how do you see with these? For your future, I see you making a purchase from AutoAnything. Yes, that’s it. A pair of Xtune headlights from AutoAnything.” With these lights, you’ll no longer need a visit to the psychic to see into the future. They’re designed to be a direct replacement for your worn out, cracked, and faded factory headlights and will have you seeing farther down the road in no time.

Whether you’re looking to simply replace a cracked, damaged headlight, are just tired of the poor visibility from your aged, yellow housings, or looking to completely refresh the front end of your vehicle, Xtune Headlights are the perfect choice for you and your daily driver. Let’s start with affordability. You can avoid paying the ridiculous dealership markups without sacrificing any quality. All of their lights are designed and tested to meet and exceed the quality of the OE brands, so you can feel confident about purchasing. These Xtune Headlights provide an OEM quality look and fitment that won’t require any modifications to install. They are designed to be a simple plug-n-play setup which works with your factory wiring harness. They even use standard factory sized bulbs so you’ll never need to worry about special ordering parts down the road. Before ever reaching you, these lights must pass a quality assurance check in the factory. All wiring is tested and the housings are sealed with a high-quality silicone to prevent moisture from ever sneaking in. They’re also proven to work flawlessly in the most extreme of climates. Performance doesn’t falter whether it’s -40C or +80C. All of this means that you can easily install them the moment they’re in your hand without worrying about the small details.

With the Xtune series of headlights, you have a variety of styles available depending on your vehicle. If you just want a direct factory replacement, they’ve got you covered without the ridiculous service department markups. Want to improve your nighttime visibility and light output? Consider upgrading to a pair of projector headlights, which help organize your light projection for a crisper beam. Halo projectors are also available, which will give your ride an unmistakable street presence with LED halo rings that are impossible to ignore. You also can choose to have a black housing which looks sleek and incredibly modern, no matter how old your car, truck, or SUV actually is. Whatever your choice, your nighttime drives will become safer and clearer than ever before. Your purchase is also backed by a one year warranty. And be sure to check out the Xtune LED tail lights if you want to give your ride a full makeover. They’re also designed to be a direct replacement for your factory lights and are sure to have people staring. When you shop with AutoAnything, you’ll enjoy fast shipping right to your door! Have any questions? Our friendly, knowledgeable customer service team is available seven days a week to help!




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